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How to set up the Netgear Satellite With Existing Router?

Is your router unstable, reboots randomly, or shows WiFi connectivity errors? Well! The Netgear Orbi setup With Existing Router can help you to fix the issue. In case you have no idea about the setup, read on and find the simple steps to complete the task.

Setup Orbi Satellite With Existing Router

  • Unplug Everything And Reconnect

Unplug the modem, after that, remove the ‘Battery Backup’ if connected. Plugin the modem again. After that, connect the modem to the Yellow Internet Port on the router with the help of an Ethernet cable. Connect the router to an electric outlet. If the router power LED does not blink, you need to press the power button.

  • Wait until the power-up

You need to wait until the ring LED on the router turns to solid white and later pulse white. Place the Orbi satellite somewhere in the central location of your home for the best wifi coverage and connect it to the power source. If the Orbi Satellite power LED does not lit, hit the power button.

  • Connect the devices

Connect your device to the Orbi satellite and router using a wired or wireless connection. To get connected, you need to present ‘WiFi Network Name (SSID)’ and ‘Password’, you can find the details on the router label. Get connected to the network using your WIFi enable device.

After this, download the Orbi application, or you can visit the Orbi website for setting up the Orbi network. Once the setup task is completed, the Orbi ring light will turn on.

Orbi Setup Issues: LED Lightning Brightness

Open any preferred web browser on your device connected to the Orbi Network.

Visit the web page. A login window will appear on your screen.

Type the username and password for the router.

The basic home page will appear on your screen.

Here, you have to click on the attached devices option and the page will show up on your screen.

Choose your satellite. The Edit page will appear on your screen.

Make sure that the LED lighting is turned in. If it is turned off, you need to click on the 'LED On/Off Slider to turn on the LED lights. The top and the button LED will turn on.

From the LED Lightning menu, you need to choose the ‘LED Light Brightness Percentage’.

Hit the ‘Apply’ button and all the settings will be saved.

We hope that these simple steps will help you with the Netgear Orbi setup With Existing Router for your network. Once you setup the router, make sure that you update the firmware whenever the new update release is available. It will make sure that your router and satellite keep working fine. And, if any technical hindrance hampers your experience, do not hesitate to contact the experts. The professionals are available all around the clock and always give you the best possible advice to deal with the problems. So, get in touch with the expert and seek professional advice to fix the problem.

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